River Prairie Apothecary offers handmade, herbal remedies for common ailments, herbal beauty products, aphrodisiac goodies and herb inspired art. Click here to visit the online store to see what’s available today! Remember, everything is made in very small batches so there are limited quantities. If you are looking for something specific please contact Kerri, she’s happy to personally make you something if she has the right ingredients in her apothecary.

Home Grown Herbs

The medicinal herbs used in River Prairie's products are cultivated in small gardens with mulch, rainwater and sunshine... no chemicals! Kerri collects seeds from her garden plants each year as well as from the wild. She also trades seeds and plants with local gardeners and purchases organically grown herb seeds from Horizon Herbs in Oregon.


Wild Herbs

Wild herbs are harvested in a responsible manner that doesn't negatively impact local plant populations. Kerri works with the plants that grow prolifically around cities and people; in open spaces, where people walk and where people live; the common "weeds" that make themselves present and available to be used as medicine.

Voice for Plants

Kerri and her friends visit the remnants of river prairies that surround the city; home to rare and endangered medicinal plants, pollinators and more. There is much to learn from river prairies and so much more to appreciate and protect. The name "River Prairie Apothecary" was chosen in honor of these spaces that are losing the battle in urban expansion.


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