The Herbalist

Kerri Kiernan loves people, plants and connecting them with each other. She is passionate about serving as an herbalist in her community and so grateful to be surrounded by an abundance of nature and beautiful spaces in the Chippewa Valley. Throughout the year Kerri teaches herbal classes in the Chippewa Valley and also offers opportunities for plant walks and hands-on learning during the warmer months.

As an herbalist, Kerri is supported by her partner Andrew, family, many friends and fellow plant lovers as well as by the integral members of her CSH project (Community Supported Herbalism), which provides the support that enables her to serve anyone seeking herbal medicine in the Chippewa Valley. Life as an herbalist is very rich in its interactions with both plants and people. It is not a financially easy life, but Kerri thrives on the opportunity to be able to use her many talents, gifts and local connections to both do what she loves and is called to do. Kerri is also an artist, dancer, yogi and is currently working on learning aerial silks.

Self-study has been an integral component of Kerri’s work with plants. She spends hours in the field, in her garden and in the woods studying the plants that surround her. In addition to working with plants directly she has had the opportunity to take classes with amazing herbalists and healers.

Training & Education
Three Selves of the Shamans Talk with Matt Wood,
Dancing Yarrow Retreat Ctr., WI
Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference Summer 2014
Herbaculture Internship Program, Herb Pharm, Williams, Oregon Fall 2013
Beginning Herbalist Certification with Master Herbalist Gigi Stafne, WI                    Spring 2013
Biodynamic Conference, Madison, WI                    Winter 2012

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