Herbal Products

Herbal Products

All of River Prairie Apothecary products are made by hand by Kerri in very small batches with locally grown plants. Organic oils such as grapeseed, olive and coconut are used whenever possible. We purchase honey and beeswax from local beekeepers in the Chippewa Valley and also purchase organic seed from Horizon Herbs in Williams, Oregon. Our finished products are not certified organic but you can be sure that everything going into your medicine has been prepared in the way that nature intended-without chemicals or artificial ingredients– and with lots of care and love.

All plants are treated with reverence and respect, especially in the wild. Herbal medicines are a true gift to be enjoyed by all.

Many Ways to Enjoy Herbs
A blend of oil and beeswax to make a solid product to be used topically (on the skin). Fresh or dry plants are infused in oil for at least 3 months so that the valuable medicinal constituents are extracted into the oil. Sometimes essential oils are also added into the recipe to further enhance the medicinal strength of the salve. A variety of oils can be used depending on how the salve will be used. Kerri prefers olive oil for basic salves, grapeseed oil for anything used on the face and coconut oil for luxurious body butters. Additionally, we use apricot seed kernel oil, shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter.
A liquid extract taken internally. The tincture is created by putting fresh or dry plant material into alcohol (usually vodka or brandy). The alcohol acts as a preserver as well as extracts the valuable medicinal constituents from the plant into the tincture. Generally, a full dropper of tincture equals about a cup of strong tea. Tinctures are easy to use and last a long time. The alcohol contained in this medicine is small as a dose is only a half or full dropper. Generally, our extracts are no stronger than a culinary vanilla extract you use for baking. Most people consume their tincture in water or tea while others simply like to put a few drops under the tongue.
Teas are simply dried herbs that you use in hot or cold water to make an infusion at home. Generally, leaves and flowers are used in teas but aromatic barks, roots and seeds are also great additions to tea. One great benefit of tea is that you smell and taste the herbs which further extend their medicinal effects in your body. However, unlike a tincture, making tea takes a little more time and is more liquid to consume. For many people, the simple act of making and enjoying tea is very relaxing and therapeutic.
Elixirs are basically a sweetened tincture. Kerri makes her elixirs by separately infusing fresh plant material into both honey and brandy. After 3 months she blends the 2 mixtures together for further infusion before straining the medicine. The honey and brandy both extract different constituents from the plants resulting in a tasty and effective medicine. Elixirs can be enjoyed on their own under the tongue, added to teas or other drinks and even used as marinades or in baking. Dosages are similar to tinctures.
Herbal Vinegars
In the same way that brandy or vodka is used to make a tincture Kerri uses organic apple cider vinegar to make tasty herbal vinegar extracts. Vinegar itself is considered to have medicinal benefits and is lower in alcohol. Herbal vinegar can be used as a food or simply taken like a medicine by the spoonful. Common herbs Kerri infuses in vinegar are sage, thyme, garlic, horseradish, elderflower, cayenne and mugwort. Herbal vinegars are not as strong as a vodka or brandy extract but are perhaps more palatable and can be used as a food.
Herb infused vinegar is combined with herb infused honey for another tasty variation of an herbal extract. Oxymels served in warm water are a wonderful way to fight cold or for if you feel like your immune system needs a boost.
Herbal Fudge & Other Herbal Treats
Herbal powders are made from roots which are mixed with nut butters, honey and cocoa for very tasty herbal treats. Kerri makes her fudge with herbs commonly used for relaxation, for boosting the immune system, for renewing the nervous system and for enjoyment. Some of her favorite herbs that she uses in her herbal fudge recipes are ashwagandha, maca, kava and Siberian ginseng. Tinctures are also added to the treats for more herbal goodness. Kerri has many creative and tasty recipes!

Tips on Dosage

Herbal treatments usually act gently and slowly. In modern terms herbs are said to have a long onset of action. Give them time to work. Start with the smallest dosage and then build as needed. It may be necessary to use these herbs for several weeks or even months before they can help the body. Remember, it took a while for the body to be in a health crisis (sometimes years), it will take a while to get it back in balance.

Dosage information is included with your products, but use common sense. If you tend to be on the smaller side or are sensitive to other medications start with the smallest dose or slightly less. If you are a larger person or usually take the larger recommended dose of, for example: ibuprofen, then start with the recommended dose for your herbal product and wait at least 2 hours before increasing your dosage. Never exceed more than 3 doses of any oral/internal product in one day unless otherwise specified. A dose is usually 15 to 30 drops for tinctures (half a dropper up to a full dropper). Herbal vinegars and syrups range in dosage from a tsp to a TB.

River Prairie Apothecary is careful to only sell products that cannot do too much harm if they were to fall into the wrong hands and accidently be entirely consumed. Please store your products out of reach of children. User assumes all risk in using herbal products. Do take caution in using herbal products but also know that herbs are generally a very safe and gentle medicine when used appropriately and have far less side effects than most conventional medicines. Be well

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