CSH Membership
Community Supported Herbalism

Make a small commitment to yourself and to your health through the regular use of handmade, naturally grown herbal remedies. Your herbal products are delivered to your door every month, created and put together just for you. You will receive 3 handmade products each month!

Is a CSH Membership right for you?

Are you interested in using herbs but don’t know where to start? Do you need assistance with choosing the right herbs and how to use them?  Through your membership, you will have consistent access to high quality herbal products selected specifically for you based on your health needs.

You don’t need to be a health nut or know a lot about the herbs; you simply need to identify your health goals and what form of herbal medicines you prefer to use, (such as a  tincture, tea or topical skin product). You will fill out a short questionnaire that will help Kerri decide which of her products will be easy for you to use which will ultimately be most effective for you.

A small investment can make a big change

By joining River Prairie Apothecary’s CSH Membership, you are actively supporting your health and the health of your community. At only $30 a month you will have a constant supply of herbal products for your health needs.

Taking herbs regularly can assist with improving your health and staying healthy. The CSH membership makes it easy for you to use herbs regularly and effectively. Each month you will receive 3 products: one product that you choose through the River Prairie Apothecary website, one product chosen just for you by Kerri and another product featuring a tonic herb that you will work with consistently over the course of your membership.
IMAGE – a basket of my herbal goodies (need to get to you)
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a CSH member?
Our smallest membership is for a “quarter share” which lasts for a quarter of the year or 3 months.
The total cost is $90 (only $30 a month).

We also offer a “half share” which is for half a year or 6 months. This share offers the greatest savings at $150.
This means that you receive one month of herbal goods for free!

When does it start and how long does it last?
Anyone can join the CSH at any time. You will receive your medicines the first week of the next month after you sign up (for example, if you sign up on April 10th, you will get your first medicines around May 1st). The CSH is ongoing.
The idea of the CSH is to participate for at least 6 months in order to benefit most, but we know things are constantly changing for you, so you can pay for 3 months at a time. We hope that you’ll love it so much you’ll be a member forever, so we’ll be adding more products all the time for you to try out!
What medicines will I be getting?
You will pick one tonic herb to take long-term (ideally for a half year) that you will get a bottle of each month. You will choose this herb when you sign up for your membership. Kerri is happy to help you choose your herb if you need assistance. The tonic herbs you get to choose from are listed on the River Prairie Apothecary website HERE(TAMI PLEASE MAKE THIS LINK TO THE PAGE WHERE MEMBERS CHOOSE THEIR MONTHLY TICTURE). You can always change your tonic herb if your first choice isn’t working out for you or if you find another plant you like better. We’ll be adding more tonic herbs to our stock as our inventory grows, so stick around!

You will also receive a monthly herbal product chosen by Kerri just for you. This product may be something seasonal or perhaps a basic herbal product that is great to have on hand such as a first aid salve. You will fill out a questionnaire when you sign up for your CSH membership that will help Kerri determine which product to include in your monthly delivery.

Your 3rd product is chosen by you! Each month different products will be offered through the website. You will choose this product every month depending on your changing health needs. If you happen to forget to choose your product, Kerri will refer to the questionnaire that you filled out to choose something for you.
What are the other benefits of joining the CSH?
As a member the River Prairie Apothecary CSH, you’ll receive discounts on all products listed in the online store as well as on local classes offered in the Chippewa Valley. You can use this discount for yourself, your family and/or your friends.

You will receive the most benefit from taking herbal products consistently, which is why you will be choosing a tonic herb that you will receive throughout your membership. Additionally, by participating in the CSH you will learn about herbal medicine; specifically which herbal medicines work best for your body.

Most importantly, you will be using many herbs which are grown, harvested and prepared locally by your community herbalist. Kerri is available to you and happy to serve you and your health needs.




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